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Equal Opportunities

Promoting Equality and Diversity is Central to our Work.

Our Vision

is for a society in which people with disabilities live their lives to their full potential, free from discrimination. Promoting equality and valuing diversity is central to our work and to providing the care and support we believe that everyone is entitled to.

Equality of Opportunity

we provide individuals with opportunities that take into account their differences and provide fair and equal access. We strive to ensure that people are not discriminated against unfairly.We work to reduce the chances of unfair discrimination happening.We promote: equality, diversity and inclusion. We also work to ensure that people are not unfairly discriminated against by association. For example, by association with someone who has a protected characteristic, such as caring for a disabled person.

Valuing diversity

we work inclusively and understand and value the things that make people different. The care and support we provide is specific to each individual’s needs, wishes and preferences. It is person-centred care in that it builds in the likes and dislikes, beliefs and personal history of an individual to meet their needs in the best way possible. Our purpose is to support people with learning disabilities to live the lives they choose; treating the people we support as unique rather than treating all people in the same way.

We work inclusively

we think it is important to understand someone’s differences so that they can be included and treated equally and fairly. We understand that people can feel excluded if they are not able to join in with activities.  All of our workers are expected to work in an inclusive way and not to unfairly discriminate by excluding people unfairly because of their differences. Negative attitudes and behaviours that can lead to individuals or groups being oppressed or disadvantaged are tackled at the Camden Society.

How we work at the Camden Society:

  • We do not allow judgemental beliefs to effect the care and support we provide or the way people work together or with others encountered carrying out their duties;
  • We strive to create an environment that is free from unfair discrimination;
  • We work in an inclusive way that sees the positive input that all individuals can make to society and to their own care;
  • We expect those who work for us to be confident to challenge or confront discriminatory practice if they are seen in the workplace;
  • We expect those who work for us to be courageous in challenging situations that they know are not right and that do not promote the wellbeing of all individuals.
If you would like a copy of our Equal Opportunities and Valuing Diversity Policy please contact us at admin@thecamdensociety.co.uk